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Power Upgrade

Your Partner for Commercial and industrial power upgrade including the connection and design  in Northern New South Wales Australia. We provide services to Tweed Shire, Lismore ad Byron Shire.

Power Upgrade

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or involved in a larger-scale development project, ensuring your electrical system is up to par is crucial for safety, efficiency, and reliability. Level 1 electricians specialize in handling the initial connection of your property to the electricity network and are skilled in performing various power upgrades to meet your evolving needs.


Choosing Northpower Australia for your underground power needs ensures a seamless experience from design to installation. With years of expertise and a dedication to excellence, our team brings unparalleled skill and precision to every project. From meticulous planning and innovative design to flawless implementation, we prioritize safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Trust Northpower to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Experience the difference with Northpower Australia and enjoy peace of mind knowing your underground power project is in expert hands.

Options for Power Upgrades

Level 1 electricians offer a range of options for power upgrades tailored to different needs: Capacity Increase: Upgrading the main service panel and wiring to support higher electrical loads. Metering Upgrades: Installing advanced metering equipment for accurate monitoring and billing. Safety Enhancements: Implementing safety devices such as residual current devices (RCDs) and surge protectors. Energy Efficiency Solutions: Introducing energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and smart home systems to reduce electricity consumption.

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Power Upgrade

What is a Power Upgrade?

 A power upgrade involves enhancing the electrical capacity and infrastructure of a property to accommodate increased energy demands or to improve the efficiency and safety of the existing electrical system. Level 1 electricians are licensed to carry out these upgrades, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

Power Upgrades for Homes

For homeowners, power upgrades may involve increasing the electrical capacity to support additional appliances, such as air conditioners, electric vehicle chargers, or home entertainment systems. Level 1 electricians can assess your current electrical setup and recommend suitable upgrades to meet your requirements.

Power Upgrades for Commerce and Industrial

 Businesses and industrial facilities often require substantial power upgrades to support heavy machinery, lighting, HVAC systems, and other operational needs. Level 1 electricians can design and implement custom solutions to optimize energy usage and enhance productivity.

Subdivision and New Developments:

 Developing new subdivisions or properties requires careful planning of electrical infrastructure. Level 1 electricians play a vital role in designing and installing power distribution systems to serve multiple dwellings efficiently. They ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and coordinate with utility providers for seamless connections.

Effective planning, design, and implementation are critical aspects of transformer projects. Proper site assessments, load calculations, and engineering design are essential to determine the optimal transformer size and configuration for specific applications. Careful consideration of factors such as voltage requirements, load capacity, and environmental conditions ensures the successful deployment of transformers.

High Rise

High-rise buildings stand tall as symbols of modernity and sophistication. However, behind their majestic facades lie intricate electrical systems essential for meeting the diverse needs of occupants or tenants. Our Level 1 electricians are adept at navigating the complexities of wiring, distribution, and safety measures within these towering structures. We prioritise reliability and adherence to stringent building codes to ensure seamless power supply, fostering a conducive environment for businesses and residents alike.

Commercial Sheds

Commercial sheds serve as versatile spaces for various industrial and commercial activities. From storage facilities to manufacturing plants, these structures require robust electrical systems to support their operations effectively. Our Level 1 electricians possess the expertise and experience to design, install, and maintain electrical setups tailored to the unique requirements of commercial sheds. With a focus on efficiency and safety, we guarantee reliable power supply to optimise productivity and safeguard assets.

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