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Servicing Tweed Shire, Byron Shire and Lismore Regions

Level 2 Electrician Northern NSW

Rural Power Upgrade & Installation

Your Partner for Rural Property power connection, from high voltage to low volatage, and installation of underground and overhead power lines in Northern New South Wales Australia. We provide services to Tweed Shire, Lismore ad Byron Shire.

Experience the Difference with Northern Power Australia

When it comes to electrifying rural properties, Northern Power Australia stands out as the premier choice. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction, we deliver superior electrical solutions that power the growth and development of rural communities. Contact us today to learn more about our Level 1 electrician services and how we can empower your rural property with reliable electricity solutions tailored to your needs. Let Northern Power Australia be your partner in electrifying the future of rural living.


Choosing Northpower Australia for your underground power needs ensures a seamless experience from design to installation. With years of expertise and a dedication to excellence, our team brings unparalleled skill and precision to every project. From meticulous planning and innovative design to flawless implementation, we prioritise safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Trust Northpower to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Experience the difference with Northpower Australia and enjoy peace of mind knowing your underground power project is in expert hands.

Transitioning Rural Properties to Housing Estates

As rural landscapes evolve into thriving communities, our Level 1 electricians facilitate this transformation by providing reliable electrical solutions. From powering residential developments to supporting essential infrastructure, we are committed to meeting the electrical needs of upcoming housing estates. Furthermore, for level 1 electrical works our team can travel across NSW and work in the essential energy areas of coverage.

Specialised Expertise in High Voltage Connections

At Northern Power Australia, high voltage connections are our forte. We understand the critical importance of safe and efficient high voltage connections, and our team possesses the expertise and experience to ensure flawless installations. Trust us to handle your high voltage needs with precision and care.

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Partner with us now to upgrade your electrical systems. Our Level 1 electricians in NSW will ensure your projects in Tweed shire, Byron shire, and Lismore regions.

Rural Property Power

Subdivision Solutions

 Are you looking to subdivide your rural property for development? Our team of experts is equipped to handle all aspects of electrical subdivision, from initial planning to execution. We understand the unique requirements of rural subdivisions and work diligently to ensure seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

High Volatage Transformers

High Voltage Power Transformers Transformers play a pivotal role in bringing power to rural areas. Our specialised services include the installation and maintenance of high voltage power transformers, vital for downgrading power from high voltage to low voltage. This transformation enables safe and efficient utilisation of electricity for homes, sheds, and various applications.

Commercial and Industrial Sheds

From small scale workshops to large industrial complexes, we provide top-tier electrical solutions for commercial and industrial sheds. Our Level 1 electricians are adept at designing and installing electrical systems that meet the demands of your operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Subdivision and New Developments:

 Developing new subdivisions or properties requires careful planning of electrical infrastructure. Level 1 electricians play a vital role in designing and installing power distribution systems to serve multiple dwellings efficiently. They ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and coordinate with utility providers for seamless connections.

Effective planning, design, and implementation are critical aspects of transformer projects. Proper site assessments, load calculations, and engineering design are essential to determine the optimal transformer size and configuration for specific applications. Careful consideration of factors such as voltage requirements, load capacity, and environmental conditions ensures the successful deployment of transformers.


When it comes to the design, installation, and enhancement of overhead power lines, Northern Power Australia stands out as the industry leader. Our team of Level 1 electricians specializes in every facet of this process. Whether spanning expansive landscapes or melding into underground terrain, we excel at each stage. Employing state-of-the-art techniques, we guarantee the swift and precise installation and upkeep of electrical lines, all while minimizing environmental disruption.

In our commitment to ensuring safety and efficiency, we employ advanced methods, such as utilizing escalators to install power poles securely. These measures not only streamline the installation process but also enhance the reliability and longevity of overhead power systems on your rural property.

The use of overhead power lines offers numerous benefits, including enhanced reliability and accessibility, particularly in rural areas. Additionally, overhead lines are easier to maintain and repair compared to underground alternatives, ensuring consistent power supply for your property.

Partner with Northern Power Australia’s Level 1 electricians today to experience the unparalleled expertise and efficiency in overhead power line installation and maintenance. Let us empower your rural property with reliable and sustainable electricity solutions.

Underground Power

When it comes to designing, installing, and upgrading underground power lines, Northern Power Australia leads the way. Whether these lines traverse beneath the earth’s surface, seamlessly integrating into the terrain, our team excels in every aspect. Utilising cutting-edge techniques, we ensure the efficient installation and maintenance of electrical lines, minimising disruption to the environment. Our expertise even extends excavation works to your property for enhanced efficiency during installation processes.

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